Ice hockey is a fast, dynamic and full of team game that is a collection of individual activities for all players moving around the ice sheet. The idea of ​​creating a team of HUKS “Bear” is to promote the discipline of ice hockey. The inhabitants of Gdynia for the first time in 2008 had the opportunity to watch young ice hockey players and join the participants in this discipline. HUKS Club “Niedźwiadki” was launched in July 2008 on the initiative of Energa Stoczniowiec Gdansk – Bartłomiej Wróbel, a long-time rider and parents of children attending hockey classes at the Youth Cultural Center in Gdynia.

Ice hockey is a sport that is practiced by several thousand players in over sixty countries of the world. Canada USA, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other European and Asian countries. It is also a sport that brings joy to boys and girls in large conurbations and small centers, being a great way to spend your free time.