On 27.02.2017 the next edition of the 7th Unofficial Pomeranian Ice Hockey Championship in Gdynia was held at the ice rink in Gdynia, which can be considered as well organized.
The championships were attended by as many as 80 children from four hockey clubs UKS Oliwia 17 Gdańsk, UKS Bombers Malbork, UKS Vikings Elbląg and host HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia at age and attention here !! Between 3 and 9 years old, there were also girls in this group.
Each of the teams played three matches in which there were plenty of talented young ice hockey adepts.
Matches between the teams participating in the competition were very high, no one spared and gave everything, and for whom, because there was a large group of fans on the ice rink. Many players like athletes have won their first historic goal at such an important tournament.
In the championship they did not have equal players and competitors from Gdansk winning all the meetings and the same winning the first place. Other places were successively visited by visiting teams. Bombersi Malbork finished second, followed by the Vikings Elbląg, third in the HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia.
At the end of the ceremony was the ceremony of awarding medals as well as individual prizes. Mr Jarosław Kłodziński, the Sports Committee of Gdynia City Council, and Mr Michał Śmigielski, President of Mad Dogs Sopot, were present.
Thanks to: Parents of the bears for a great organization of the dining corner and individual prizes with medals.
Gdynia Sports Center, CCM Polska Maja Sport Shop and Bauer Polska for handing out gadgets for tournament participants.
Organizer of the Youth Cultural Center in Gdynia for the purchase of souvenir cups and medals.
Pomeranian Ice Hockey Federation for organizing judges.
Former and current students of HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia for help during refereeing like the record of the competition.
Results :
Niedzwiadki Gdynia 4: 16 UKS Oliwia 17 Gdansk
Goal scorer for Gdynia: Hubert Bruggemann 2, Jan Powajbo, Jan Romanowski
UKS Bombers Malbork 14: 6 UKS Vikings Elblag
Gdynia Borderers 8: 14 UKS Vikings Elblag
The goalscorer for Gdynia: Hubert Bruggemann 2, Jan Powajbo 2, Jan Romanowski, Nikodem Piask, Beniamin Milowicz, Jacek Mincer.
UKS Oliwia 17 Gdańsk 18: 1 UKS Bombers Malbork
UKS Vikings Elbląg 2: 13 UKS Oliwia 17 Gdansk
Bears Gdynia 10: 11 UKS Bombers Malbork
The goalscorer for Gdynia: Hubert Bruggemann 4, Jan Romanowski 2, Jan Powajbo 2, Dominik Henning, Julka Tomaszewska
I UKS Oliwia 17 Gdansk
II UKS Bombers Malbork
III UKS Vikings of Elblag
IV HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia
Individual prizes:
HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia: MVP Jan Powajbo, Best Shooter Hubert Bruggemann, Best Goalkeeper Kacper Wawrzyniak, Team Honor Nikodem Piask, Youngest Player Samuel Fisher,
UKS Vikings Elblag: MVP Tomek Bołtryk, Top scorer Panasewicz Juljan, best goalkeeper Krzysztof Ciesielski
UKS Bombers Malbork: MVP Krzysztof Wensker, Top scorer Kaper Gołuński, best goalkeeper Jan Osmolowski
Adam Krajewski MVP, Best shooter Maxim Vaneev, Team distinction Dawid Gromadzki, Team distinction Michał Kizielewicz.

HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia played in the composition:
Goalkeepers Hubert Śmigielski, Kacper Wawrzyniak,
Zawodnicy pola Hubert Bruggemann, Tymon Żukowski, Jan Romanowski, Jan Powajbo, Filip Boike, Dominik Henning, Julka Tomaszewska, Paweł Jurczyk-Kepke, Zosia Boike, Krzysztof Żuchlewski, Nikodem Piask, Damian Jurzyk, Kacper Pietrzak, Łukasz Brodewiz, Eryk Salach Kłos, Beniamin Milowicz, Karol Wiśniewski, Jurek Kuźmicz, Borys Dłużewski, Jacek Mincer, Adam Medlarski.