On the 10th of March the 9th Ice Hockey Tournament in Malbork took place.
HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia took part in two age categories.
2004/05/05 UKS Bombers Malbork, UKS Vikings Elbląg, PTH Koziołki Poznan and our team HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia competed against the Malbork ice rink.
We played 3 games where we played heartily, but that was not enough. Bra the experience of playing such tournaments for most of our team was the first such event. We set the bar for the best team to host the later winner of the Bombers Malbork. We were even 2-0 up and the results were open all the time, there were many factors but the most important was the lack of experience. Eventually we were beaten 6: 4, but we fought the Bombers.

Results and places:
HUKS Bearers 1: 8 Vikings Elblag
Goals: Karol Piwowarski
HUKS Niedźwiadki 2: 11 Koziołki Poznan
Goals: Łukasz Stasiak, Łukasz Stasiak
Bombers Malbork 6; 4 HUKS Bear
Goals: Łukasz Stasiak 2, Karol Piwowarski and Diego Chorosiński

1. UKS Bombers Malbork
2. PTH Koziołki Poznan
3. UKS Vikings Elblag
4. HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia

MVP team has been: Łukasz Stasiak

We played in the following: Nikodem Stachowiak, Diego Chorosiński, Łukasz Stasiak, Karol Piwowarski, Mikołaj Klamrowski, Pawel Gerłachowski, Bartek Tomaszewski, Szymon Wróbel, Martyna Radczuk, Tosia Puchowska, Antek Kalski

The youngest Bears started struggling with their older group. We played two matches with the UKS Bombers Malbork and the UKS Vikings Elblag. In the first skirmish we were a better team from the beginning, we had more situations on the grid and action which resulted in goals scored. Our goalkeepers were doing great. This match we won 7: 4, while the second game against the Vikings started with a quick loss of goal. There was a slight relaxation after the win, but with the match we started playing as equals. Emotions and dramaturgy were felt until the last second of the game, which ultimately ended in a draw. The draw guaranteed us victory in the entire tournament🙂

HUKS Niedźwiadki – Bombers Malbork 7: 3
Goals: Hubert Bruggemann -2, Patryk Muszyński- 4, Dominik Hening-1
HUKS Niedźwiadki-UKS Vikings Elbląg 4: 4
Goals: Hubert Bruggemann -3, Damian Jurzyk -1

2. UKS Vikings Elblag
3. UKS Bombers Malbork

Hubert Śmigielski, Kacper Wawrzyniak, Hubert Bruggemann, Tymon Żukowski, Janek Powajbo, Paweł Kepke, Borys Dłużewski, Nicodem Piask, Dominik Hening, Eryk Salach, Patryk Muszyński, Krzysztof Żuchlewski, Beniamin Milowicz, Filip Boike, Karol Wiśniewski Adas Medlarski, Zosia Boike, Damian Jurzyk and Jurek Kuźmicz